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Eye-pokingly ugly vomit-inducing scarf

As promised last night, my post contains a fashion item, not a reborn baby eyesore!


This eBay seller and designer has lovely items in her store (some gorgeous felt flowers, for example). But she seems to have gone off her meds when creating this handmade layered scarf. The word "wearable" does not really belong in a sentence any where near this riot-inducing disaster of a scarf. It looks itchy, poky, bloody, and like it's about to scurry off it's wearer's body and crawl into a sewer somewhere, waiting to snare an unsuspecting passerby for a snack later.


In case you want to accessorize your look with items that also look like you picked them up in the gutter, here is a pair of creepy matching mittens.

I know this community is supposed to be mostly for shoes, clothes and jewelry.. it seems pretty dead around here though :(

Here is the latest dreadful atrocity, via a talented OOAK doll artist who tends to do darker, weirder stuff - but this is just going too far. WTF!?


Suzette, a silent, loving, deaf/mute sheep?


Seriously? It's not enough to create an abomination like this, and waste eBay's (admitedly capacious) bandwidth on this crap, but to accost innocent young eyes just trying to browse a few gothic dolls on a Thursday evening?

I know taxidermy is all the rage right now (Thanks, A&E, thanks a lot) but must we now pose the poor animals in grotesque costumes and demeaning bonnets?!?!

My next post will be an ugly piece of clothing or footwear, I swear to you on this day.

Offensively Ugly Reborn Werewolf Doll


This is just not ok! It's an abuse of the privilege to purchase craft supplies and paint in a free country.
It's taking advantage of eBay's liberal policies for letting people shock and dismay everyone on the site with offensive pictures.
If you feel any compulsion to buy this horrid little reborn gorilla ape werewolf toy, get mental help!


I went to the thrift sale.

I brought you photos:

Where else in your mustache is the propeller supposed to go?
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another month, another thrift store sale

So it was the third Friday of the moth last week, and that means the thrift stores were having a sale! Here are some terrible things.

Bunny butthead.
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Seen at Goodwill today, a medicine cabinet that reminds you to take your anti-psychotics every time you see it. For ONLY $15!

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thrift store finds

Back from conquering the thrift store half-price sales. Here's the scary shit I found:
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